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January 16, 2020

Sunday, January 26, 2020

Greg Hunter: Fed Trying to Stop Global Economic Contagion – Martin Armstrong

Legendary geopolitical and financial analyst Martin Armstrong says, “The Fed is trapped. If it stops (injecting money into the repo market by billions of dollars daily), interest rates will rise.” Armstrong goes on to explain, “The Bank of Japan came out and said we’re going to buy government bonds unlimited. They, too, are trying to prevent interest rates from rising. . . . The ECB cannot afford rates to go up. . . . This is a global contagion that’s developing, and it’s pretty serious. The rise in interest rates has tremendous implications all the way around the globe. . . . Interest rates are rising because there is increased risk – period.”


The big risk, according to Armstrong, is global governments, including the U.S. Armstrong says, “You have to understand, at some point in time, capital begins to figure out who is the greatest risk, and the risk is government. At that stage in the game, when that point is reached, then you have shifts. The capital will move from public types of investments, such as government bonds and things of that nature, and then will move into the private sector. That’s equities, and that can be gold and real estate in different places. You try to go to tangible assets.”

So, what could go wrong with the Fed trapped in the repo market and cannot stop liquefying bad debt? Armstrong says, “What can go wrong is that they lose the game. They are doing this to try to prevent interest rates from rising. If they did not do this, the short term rate would be up dramatically.” What could go wrong is the Fed can continue to fuel the repo market with cheap money and interest rates can rise anyway? Armstrong says, “Correct. They have already lost control, otherwise they wouldn’t be doing this. . . .They are trying to keep rates down. If the Fed loses, rates are going to go up, and you are going to see this in the Treasury auctions. Then it won’t matter what the Fed is trying to do in the repo market. You will see this stress in the Treasury auctions, and the government will have to start paying higher prices. This is what’s going to take place.” In closing, Armstrong says, “The central banks are losing power. That’s what my new book “Manipulating the World Economy” is all about. It’s about all the manipulations. Governments have tried to control it, and they are losing it on every possible level. This is like the last ditch effort, the last hurrah or last battle for the central banks. If the Fed loses, you are talking about central banks can no longer function in controlling the economy, inflation or anything.”  https://usawatchdog.com/fed-trying-to-stop-global-economic-contagion-martin-armstrong/



The World Economic Forum (WEF) — together with some of the world's major central banks — has created a central bank digital currency (CBDC) policymaker toolkit. According to an announcement  on Jan. 22, the toolkit is the WEF's attempt to help policy-makers understand whether deploying a CBDC would be advantageous and guide them through its design...  https://www.blacklistednews.com/article/76088/world-economic-forum-debuts-framework-for-central-bank-digital.html



Why Germany Is Going To War With Gold

Owning gold is a way to get out of this “debt trap”, but governments don’t want you to own gold, especially in Germany...


Crude Crashes As Asia Trading Opens; Stocks Slump, Gold Jumps, Yuan Dumps

...the Saudis are desperately talking down the crash in crude oil prices...


Tether Launches Gold-Backed Stablecoin, Begins Trading On Bitfinex

...funds are said to be backed by physical gold held in a “Switzerland vault”...


Digital Currency: What Do The Global Banking Elite Want?

...central banks will require sustained geopolitical conflict to shape the future design of the financial system. They are already headlong in devising that very system through the reformation of global payment systems.


Breaking: Mike Adams & Dave Hodges Share the Latest Facts On the Weaponized Virus Rampaging Through China and Across International Borders

The Heath Ranger, Mike Adams and Dave Hodges exchanged information on the weaponized virus coming out of China. In the present time, this is a groundbreaking report hi which the listener will be exposed to the following information:  https://thecommonsenseshow.com/economics-health-martial-law/breaking-mike-adams-dave-hodges-share-latest-facts-weaponized-virus-rampaging-through-china-and


Coronavirus Latest: 2,799 Global Cases Resulting in 80 Fatalities

"...epidemic is now entering a more serious and complex period..."


Coronavirus “Perfect Storm” Now Exists Thanks to Biosludge, Open Borders, Filthy Liberal Cities

The horrendously bad decisions of human beings who hold power in government, media and industry have brought the human race to a “perfect storm” of conditions that will strongly contribute to the spread and fatalities of the coronavirus pandemic now threatening the world.


Coronavirus still appears to be Normal Virus – Not a Biological Weapon

The latest number of the number of people infected is at least 1,975 people of which this Coronavirus has killed 56 people, according to that nation’s National Health Commission.  That puts the death rate at about 2.8% or less which is within the normal range of the viral season. There is still no indication that this is anything out of the ordinary that would point to a biological weapon leak. A case has appeared now in California of a person who just returned from Wuhan. This is not a virus that you would get by simply going to the movies and someone in there has it. There has to be some contact with them sneezing on you or you have touched the surface of something that they have touched. Our model still points to 2022. Perhaps this is Phase I.  https://www.armstrongeconomics.com/international-news/disease/coronavirus-still-appear-to-be-normal-virus-not-a-biological-weapon/


Report: FBI Agent Commits ‘Suicide’ After Allegedly Discovering Clinton Foundation Looted Billions From Treasury

blockbuster report from True Pundit indicates that an FBI agent who committed “suicide” was involved in uncovering a massive Clinton foundation money-laundering conspiracy that allegedly plundered the U.S. Treasury out of billions. FBI Special Agent Sal Cincinelli allegedly committed suicide last year in stunning news that shocked his family. Cincinelli was found dead at the Container Bar in Austin, Texas “with at least one gunshot wound” in July 2019. He had quit a life as a high-powered Wall Street trader to join the FBI and help clean up the corrupt financial industry. Mike Moore, who writes at True Pundit under the alias Thomas Paine, broke the news on his podcast that Cincinelli may have lost his life due to his work investigating the Clintons...  https://governmentslaves.news/2020/01/26/report-fbi-agent-commits-suicide-after-allegedly-discovering-clinton-foundation-looted-billions-from-treasury/


Personal identification – People can now be identified at a distance by their heartbeat

..This system, dubbed Jetson, is able to measure, from up to 200 metres away, the minute vibrations induced in clothing by someone’s heartbeat. Since hearts differ in both shape and contraction pattern, the details of heartbeats differ, too. The effect of this on the fabric of garments produces what Ideal Innovations, a firm involved in the Jetson project, calls a “heartprint”—a pattern reckoned sufficiently distinctive to confirm someone’s identity.


Virginia Goes Full Libtard, Passes Transgender Educational Mandates for Children, Other Pro-LGBT Measures

Now that Virginia’s legislature is filled with Democrats, they are wasting no time in passing crazy bills that the people of Virginia will not likely support.


Cut meat and dairy intake ‘by a fifth’, report urges

People should cut the amount of beef, lamb and dairy produce they eat by a fifth to combat climate change, a report says. It says public bodies should lead the way by offering plant-based options with all meals. But it says if people don’t cut consumption willingly, taxes on meat and dairy might be needed.


Pence to Pope Francis: ‘You have made me a hero’

U.S. Vice President Mike Pence, a former Catholic, held an unusually long meeting with Pope Francis on Friday and quipped that he emerged from the encounter feeling like “a hero”. Pence’s talks with Francis in the papal library lasted about an hour, twice as long as the meeting between the pope and U.S. President Donald Trump in the same frescoed room in May 2017.


CHRISLAM COVENANT: Is Trump Preparing To Combine His ‘Deal Of The Century’ Middle East Peace Plan With Pope Francis’ Abrahamic Faiths Initiative?

Suddenly, everything begins to makes sense. From one side, I have been watching Donald Trump over the past three and a half years, the man that God placed in power of the world’s strongest and most-prosperous nation, doing amazing things for the nation of Israel. The thing he wants most to do in Israel is his ‘Deal Of The Century‘ Middle East Peace Plan, headed up by his Jewish son in law, Jared Kushner.

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