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January 19, 2020

Sunday, January 19, 2020

Fed Prints Money or Financial System Implodes – Rob Kirby

Macroeconomic analyst Rob Kirby can sum up the massive Fed money printing it is doing each and every day. Kirby explains, “We are on a vertical curve where money has to be added to the system. . . . The Federal Reserve knew this would occur at some point 20 years ago. This is why they had to create a slush fund, which has grown into a very large pile of dung heap money. What’s being reported to us on a daily basis in terms of the ‘add’ from the repo activity is just the publicly acknowledged addition of money. The “missing” $21 trillion is in play, also, and it’s being added to the system to keep the system from crapping out and imploding. We are, without a doubt, on a vertical growth curve of money.”  To hide what is going, on the Fed is going to extraordinary measures to suppress the precious metals market to not allow growth in price that would reflect massive money printing globally. Kirby says, “The stench of criminality and collusion wafts over the COMEX now like a veil of evil. What they have turned our capital markets into with price suppression, so they can maintain the air of legitimacy and value to the dollar, is going off the charts.”

If money is being printed, aren’t interest rates going to spike? Kirby contends, “The reality is we should have had an interest rate spike already because there is no demand for increasing amounts of U.S. debt.  With the amount of debt that is now outstanding, if interest rates were to spike, the first dead body would be the U.S. government itself. The U.S. government would not be able to fund itself, and the jig would be up on the dollar. We are told the dollar is strong, but the reality is the dollar is not strong at all.”  President Trump, at some point, is going to have to deal with this debt problem and bankruptcy of America. Kirby says this is why the elite are working so hard to get rid of President Trump. Kirby contends, “They want to get rid of him because they can’t control him. If the system is going to blow up, they want a person in charge that they have control of. They do not have control of Donald Trump. . . . He is still his own man, and he knows the difference between right and wrong. . . . They are afraid that he might point the finger at the true culprits of the breakdown that is coming. That’s why they want him out.” https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=2&v=zeFu8Uhf_AY&feature=emb_logo


944 Trillion Reasons Why The Fed Is Quietly Bailing Out Hedge Funds

"If the banks are not benefitting, who is? Leverage funds with huge interest rate derivative positions. And who is on the hook if they blow up? The big banks who are on the other side of the trade, as they would be forced to recapitalize the clearinghouses."


IMF Chief Warns Global Economy Faces New "Great Depression"

“In some ways, this troubling trend is reminiscent of the early part of the 20th century..."


The Prospects For A Sound-Money Revolt Against The Dollar And Euro

gold-backed euro based in northern Europe seems like fantasy for now, but it is more plausible than a gold dollar as an outcome of this decade...


ECM & the Rise in Intensity into 2032

A lot of people have written in about Virginia and West Virginia has invited the regions in Virginia to separate and join West Virginia. This clash over gun rights as well as the rising separatist movement to join West Virginia is also taking place on the ECM. There appears to be a tremendous issue involving political change coming due all aligned with this ECM turning point, not the least is the Trump Impeachment. Then we have the Russian constitutional crisis. On top of that, we have bubble tops forming in many different markets...

We are experiencing as we move closer to the peak of this 51.6-year wave in 2032, the number of events that are taking place on these turning points will increase. The 1968 turning point marked the second crash in the stock market from the 1000 level in the Dow and the break in the Bretton Woods where they moved to a two-tier gold market – official v free market as gold began trading in London... https://www.armstrongeconomics.com/armstrongeconomics101/ecm-armstrongeconomics101/ecm-the-rise-in-intensity-into-2032/


Virginia Governor Northam's Intent To Bring In the UN Blocked by Trump

The Virginia Governor wants to bring in UN Peacekeeprs to enforce his gun confiscation policies and to actually begin the process of collecting Patriot guns. Gun confiscation is merely an avenue to violence which will allow the UN to roll out its troops on American soil, under the Kigali Principles.  As Mark Twain said, history may not repeat, but it sure does rhyme. Please consider the following: Virginia Governor Ralph Northam is the modern day equivalent to Lord Dunmore, the Governor of the Colony of Virginia, headquarted in Virginia. On November 25, 1776, Dunmore decreed martial law in the proclamation listed below.. The document was published in a Virginia Gazette, promising to free slaves who would fight for the crown. Dunmore's goal was to disarm Patriot, just as British troops attempted to do at Lexington and Concord... https://thecommonsenseshow.com/conspiracy-martial-law-radio-shows/virginia-governor-northams-intent-bring-un-blocked-trump


Why Laws Against Hate Speech Are Dangerous

"[T]he freedom of Speech may be taken away, and, dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep, to the Slaughter..." - US President George Washington, 1783.


"We're Ready To Fight": 1000s Expected To Attend Massive Gun-Rights Rally At Virginia Capitol

"That's what happens when you vote for Democrats, they will take your guns away."


New Mexico Lawmakers pre-filing gun control bills

While the New Mexico Legislature won’t convene until next week, anti-gun legislators have already pre-filed multiple gun control bills, including “Red Flag” gun confiscation laws and bans on popular firearm accessories... https://www.thedailysheeple.com/new-mexico-lawmakers-pre-filing-gun-control-bills/


United States Commits To Fully Supporting The Chrislam Abrahamic Faiths Initiative As VP Mike Pence Prepares For Private Meeting With Pope Francis At Vatican Next Week

The woman in the main photo is U.S. Ambassador to the Holy See, Callista Gingrich, wife of former Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich. She, on behalf of the United States, is spearheading what is officially known as the Abrahamic Faiths Initiative. Bible believers, of course, have a different name for it. We call this Chrislam, and so it begins. And just as we also told that Chrislam would include Judaism alongside of Islam and Catholicism, that has now been taken care of as well. All systems go for Chrislam.



Amazon Go Cashierless Stores Will Soon Allow Customers To Use Their Palms To Process Payment As World Moves Closer To Mark Of The Beast

We first told you back in 2018 about Amazon’s new cashierless stores called Amazon Go where you pay for your purchases using only your Amazon Go app. And at that time we warned you that using the app was only because technology had not sufficiently advanced, and what they really wanted to do was have you pay with your hand. Two years later here in 2020, and what do we see? Amazon Go and the coming palm payment. Is this the Mark of the Beast? Nope. So what is it? Training.


The Real Conspiracy – Hillary & Pelosi

While everyone is left scratching their head as to why Pelosi, who said impeachment was bad for the country, she suddenly changed and became of its greatest supporter in the Democrats. Then she held on to the articles of impeachment for about a month which she pretended was to force witnesses to be heard in the Senate, when she knew that her tactics were unconstitutional and even members of her own party were left trying to figure out just what the heck was she up to? The 2016 election was stolen from Bernie which is why he went to complain to Obama after the votes were rigged and given to Hillary in California. Only after Bernie went to the White House and Obama told him to suck-it-up and take one for the team, did Bernie support Hillary. This time, the Democrat power-brokers behind the curtain are looking to prevent Bernie once again from winning the nomination. But they also know that Joe Biden is damaged goods and they have no candidate who could possibly win against Trump.

Our computer has been projecting a Trump victory in 2020, but this is not something that will be by a wide margin. We are going to rerun the models and double-check the data to make sure there is no mistake for as it stands now, Trump would win in a landslide looking at a candidate of Biden or Bernie. There is something else brewing behind the curtain for our model that seems to be suggesting a tighter race. The Clintons have long been regarded as the most corrupt policial couple perhaps in American history. The scheme is to drag out the Impeachment hearing, not to actually get rid of Trump, but to tie up all the senators running in the Democratic Party and force them off the campaign trail. Why? This is not just to give Biden a clear path. They also realize that Biden and his son could be called as witnesses and that will be contested in the Supreme Court...  https://www.armstrongeconomics.com/international-news/politics/the-real-conspiracy-hillary-pelosi/


Warehouse full of aid supplies for Hurricane Maria survivors just discovered in Puerto Rico

After Hurricane Maria struck Puerto Rico Trump was heavily criticized for saying the Puerto Rican government was responsible for aid not making it to the citizens. Now two years later a warehouse full of supplies has been discovered and the Governor of Puerto Rico has fired the island’s emergency manager.  The emergency aid is believed to be from when Hurricane Maria hit the island two years ago, the governor said.

Carlos Acevedo, director of Puerto Rico’s Office of Emergency Management, was dismissed Saturday. The governor appointed Maj. Gen. José J. Reyes, the adjutant general of the Puerto Rico National Guard, to replace him. Earlier on Saturday, numerous pallets of water and other boxes with emergency supplies were found at a warehouse in the earthquake ravaged city of Ponce. Several residents were seen opening the rolling metal doors of the building and calling for authorities to distribute the supplies. Families began lining up Saturday afternoon outside the warehouse, hoping to get bottled water, food and emergency radios, CNN affiliate WAPA reported...  https://www.thedailysheeple.com/warehouse-full-of-aid-supplies-for-hurricane-maria-survivors-just-discovered-in-puerto-rico/


Supreme Court is set to rule on whether state electoral college voters have to support the popular vote winner or are able to be 'faithless' in landmark case which could bring 2020 election chaos

When voters cast a ballot for president, they are actually choosing members of the Electoral College – who then choose the president.  30 states have laws saying the electors must vote in line with the popular vote in that state but the rest do not. In 2016 group of ‘Hamilton electors’ tried to vote for a unity candidate to stop Trump getting into power and became ‘faithless electors...  https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7900645/Justices-consider-faithless-electors-ahead-2020-vote.html


Jimmy Dore:  Bernie & Schumer Vote Against Trumps NAFTA 2.0 - Language

More Shafta from both parties...   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UImjWJybYZM


Xenobots are here: Tiny bio-robots inside your veins may heal you & will definitely be weaponized by West to take out ‘bad guys’

... xenobots, in a nutshell, are a swarm of invisible genetically engineered semi-sentient robots designed by an artificial intelligence to live in the human body for days or weeks at a time, where they can survive without food and heal themselves if damaged. What could go wrong?  Well, probably nothing for now. But the arms race to develop xenobots for new applications is already underway, and militaries will certainly be eager to deploy them carrying biological weapons. The supercomputer that designed the xenobots was not available for comment... https://www.rt.com/news/478530-biological-robots-designed-by-computer/


South Dakota Bill Would Jail Doctors Who Drug or Perform Surgery on ‘Transgender’ Children

... The Vulnerable Child Protection Act, or House Bill 1057, would make it a class four felony for doctors in the state of South Dakota to surgically alter the gender of a child. It would also criminalize a doctor from prescribing puberty-blocking drugs to children as well. “It is a bill to protect vulnerable South Dakota children who have some challenges with understanding if they’re a boy or a girl. It’s the same penalty as we established in the Female Genital Mutilation bill, I copied the penalty from that bill. I think of the procedures as similar, they’re both mutilating procedures,” said Representative Fred Deutsch, who proposed the bill during the first week of the new legislative session... https://bigleaguepolitics.com/south-dakota-bill-would-jail-doctors-who-drug-or-perform-surgery-on-transgender-children/


Judge Smacks Down Transgender Pronouns, Says They’re a Courtesy, Not a Right for People Before the Court

In an advisory opinion Wednesday, as The Hill reported, Duncan said that it was “convention,” not “binding precedent,” for the courts to refer to a transgender-identifying litigant by their chosen gender pronouns. “No authority supports the proposition that we may require litigants, judges, court personnel, or anyone else to refer to gender-dysphoric litigants with pronouns matching their subjective gender identity,” Duncan’s opinion read.


A Courageous Group Of College Students In Australia Interrupt Drag Queen Story Hour Chanting ‘Drag Queens Are Not For Kids!’

College students in Australia showed how you deal with an encroaching evil like Drag Queen Story Hour, or Storytime as they call it down under, you confront it head on and call it out for what it is. You stand up for the children and you defend and protect them, that’s how it should be done. This whole Laodicean business of ‘who am I to judge?‘ comes from the very pit of Hell itself and out of the mouth of the Devil. If you are not standing for the Lord, you are standing against Him, plain and simple.


Planned Parenthood launches $45 million campaign for 2020: ‘Matter of life and death’

The political fundraising arm of the nation’s largest abortion provider will spend $45 million in the 2020 elections as it pushes back against what many conservatives are calling the most pro-life administration in history.


The Machines Have Us Trained For Obedience, Paul Craig Roberts

"One day the system failed. As it had been eons since humans had to do anything, no one knew how to fix the system..."


Meghan Markle has connections to sex-trafficking cult NXIVM?

... Before she married Britain’s dim-witted Prince Harry less than two years ago, Meghan Markle, was a minor Hollywood actress in the cable TV show, Suits. But she was more than an actress. Persistent rumors on the Internet say she was also a “yachter” — an actress or model, typically female, who supplements her income by prostituting herself on yachts owned by millionaires/billionaires. The term “yachting” however has been generalized to include not just prostituting on yachts, but sex-for-pay with wealthy men no matter the venue... https://fellowshipoftheminds.com/meghan-markle-has-connections-to-sex-trafficking-cult-nxivm

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