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January 29 2020

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Silver Prices Likely To Go “Exponential” – Guggenheim Co-Founder

◆ Silver prices are likely to go “exponential again” according to Guggenheim Partners co-founder Scott Minerd, in an interview with Bloomberg at Davos (see silver chart and interview below) ◆ Silver is “the number one conviction trade in 2020” Minerd, who is also the Guggenheim Global Chief Investment Officer (CIO) told Bloomberg whose conviction trade was greeted with surprise by Bloomberg’s Tom Keene and Jonathan Ferro... https://news.goldcore.com/silver-prices-likely-to-go-exponential-guggenheim-co-founder/
Citibank, Which Foreclosed on Homes Under an Alias, Illegally Held Homes Off the Market for More than Five Years Says Regulator
On October 11 of last year, in a bland press release that drew little mainstream media attention, the Federal regulator of national banks, the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, announced that Citibank had agreed to pay a $30 million fine over charges that it held homes on which it had foreclosed off the market for more than the statutory holding period of five years. Citibank is the federally-insured, deposit-taking bank that is part of the serially-miscreant Wall Street mega bank, Citigroup. The action comes at a time when rents are rising dramatically across the U.S. as a result of a shortage of affordable homes to purchase.

What is extremely troublesome about the OCC’s action, and which continues a trend among federal bank regulators in the Trump administration, is just how little the regulators are willing to share with the American people in terms of facts about the continuing illegal conduct of these mega Wall Street banks. That obfuscation comes simultaneously with the Trump administration’s efforts to further deregulate these serially-charged behemoths... https://wallstreetonparade.com/2020/01/citibank-which-foreclosed-on-homes-under-an-alias-illegally-held-homes-off-the-market-for-more-than-five-years-says-regulator/


Ahead of the January FOMC


The Fed's FOMC this week will have a much more durable impact on the price of gold.


OPEC aims to extend oil output cuts through June, alarmed by China virus

OPEC wants to extend current oil output cuts until at least June, with the possibility of deeper reductions on the table if oil demand in China is significantly impacted by the spread of a new coronavirus… The quick slide in oil prices over the past few days has alarmed OPEC officials…as the new virus found in China and several other countries raised concerns about a hit to economic growth and oil demand.


Blain: "It's Not About Infection Rates Or Mortality: The Economic Damage Is Already Very Real"

Stock markets shrugged of the Coronavirus yesterday, and staged a buy-the-dip rally. Are they right to discount the threat? Its not about infection rates or mortality - the economic damage is already very real.


Will Coronavirus Be the Black Swan that Pops the Bubble of Everything in 2020?

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