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June 13, 2019

Thursday, June 13, 2019

Gold Price Will “Scream” and See $1,700 “Quickly” Says Billionaire Paul Tudor Jones

via Bloomberg Paul Tudor Jones, the Tudor Investment Corporation founder, believes that gold is the best trade and is going to “scream” over the next year to two years. He outlines his reasons why with Bloomberg’s Vonnie Quinn on Bloomberg Markets. “The best trade is going to be gold. If I have to pick my my favorite for the next 12-24 months it probably would be gold. I think gold goes beyond $1,400… it goes to $1,700 rather quickly. It has everything going for it in a world where rates are conceivably going to zero in the United States.” ... https://news.goldcore.com/us/gold-blog
Trade War Shock Hits Top US Container Ports 

"The warehouse and distribution centers in Southern California and ports themselves are just so stocked up (with) imports that were brought in previously, that there's no place to put them..."



John Williams-How Can the US Hyper inflate With So Much Debt? (Video)

John Williams will discuss why he still believes that hyper inflation will take place even though recent history suggests with so much worldwide debt deflation will prevail.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=2&v=56uWRqVcJ5Q



US Futures, Global Stocks Bounce As Oil Surges After Persian Gulf Tanker Attack

It was shaping up as another bad day for stocks, when Iran - as Trump will allege momentarily - came to the bulls' rescue, and "attacked" two tankers in the Straits of Hormuz, sending oil soaring and pushing energy stocks



NOW CRITICAL: False Flag HORROR SHOW..And It's Working. By Gregory Mannarino

https://www.traderschoice.net/   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=StLVHAqUogo



‘Deaths Of Despair’ In The U.S. Hit Record High – So How Bad Will Things Get When Society Starts To Completely Collapse?

According to a shocking new report from the Commonwealth Fund, the suicide rate in the United States is the highest that it has ever been before.  Sadly, the same thing can be said about the death rates from drug overdoses and alcohol.  All three death rates are at an all-time record high, and yet our society is still fairly stable at the moment.  So if we are seeing this many “deaths of despair” right now, what in the world are things going to look like when our society really begins to start crumbling?  Today, Americans have literally thousands of different ways to entertain themselves, and yet we have never been unhappier.  One out of every six Americans is taking psychiatric drugs, we are currently dealing with “the worst drug crisis in American history”, and people are killing themselves in record numbers.  Nobody likes to be told that they are a failure, but it certainly appears that our nation has been on an extremely self-destructive path for a very long time. http://theeconomiccollapseblog.com/archives/deaths-of-despair-in-the-u-s-hit-record-high-so-how-bad-will-things-get-when-society-starts-to-completely-collapse



UK signs extradition order for Assange, decision now with courts




Jimmy Dore: Why Assange Prosecution Is Complete Bulls**t! (Language)




ABC raids a wake-up call to journalists who left Assange swinging

...Those who deny Assange's journalism are denying him a major part of his defence. The First Amendment free speech provisions of the US Constitution provide protections for publishers and journalists who would otherwise be subject to prosecution under the US Espionage Act (1917). By arguing that Assange is not a journalist – though he is a fully paid-up member of the Media Entertainment and Arts Alliance - journalists are giving ammunition to the US administration to prosecute Assange for espionage, a crime that carries a possible life sentence. And if the prosecutors can prove that Assange acted deliberately to damage US national security and aid a foreign power, the death sentence. Journalists should also understand that they could be next. All those journalists who believe this is far-fetched don't have to look any further than the federal police raid on the ABC's Sydney headquarters to understand it is not...  https://www.smh.com.au/national/abc-raids-a-wake-up-call-to-journalists-who-left-assange-swinging-20190610-p51wbw.html



Chris Hedges: The Thought Police Are Coming

...There is nothing like the boot of the oppressor on your neck to give you moral clarity. None of these war crimes, and hundreds more reported to the U.S. military but never investigated, would have been made public without Julian, Chelsea Manning and WikiLeaks. That is the role of journalists—to give a voice to those who without us would have no voice, to hold the powerful to account, to give the forgotten and the demonized justice, to speak the truth.

We have watched over the last decade as freedom of the press and legal protection for those who expose government abuses and lies have been obliterated by wholesale government surveillance and the criminalizing of the leaking and, with Julian’s persecution, publication of these secrets. The press has been largely emasculated in the United States. The repeated use of the Espionage Act, especially under the Obama administration, to charge and sentence whistleblowers has shut down our ability to shine a light into the inner workings of power and empire. Governmental officials with a conscience, knowing all of their communications are monitored, captured and stored by intelligence agencies, are too frightened to reach out to reporters. The last line of defense lies with those with the skills that allow them to burrow into the records of the security and surveillance state and with the courage to make them public, such as Edward Snowden, Chelsea Manning and Jeremy Hammond, now serving a 10-year prison term in the United States for hacking into the Texas-based private security firm Strategic Forecasting Inc., or Stratfor. The price of resistance is high not only for them, but for those such as Julian willing to publish this information. As Sarah Harrison has pointed out: “This is our data, our information, our history. We must fight to own it.”... https://www.truthdig.com/articles/first-assange-then-us/



WARNING!! You Can NEVER UNLEARN What You’re About To See…WHO CREATED THE INTERNET & WHY!?  A Facebook, Google & In ‘Q’ Tel All!

Knowledge is power however knowledge is also a burden!  It is why they say ignorance is bliss.  There are certain dots you never want connected because once they are you can never unlearn what you’ve learned.  So this is a warning!  Who created the internet and why?!  You are about to learn the connection between the CIA, DARPA, In-Q-Tel, Facebook, Google and the Deep State of our U.S. Government.  They’re watching, they’ve always been…they no longer need to spy, not when we willingly hand them everything they need!...https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=1&v=yYBnEVCy7nE



Reuters today claim at least 60 dead seals have washed off the shores of Alaska where a dead gray whale was shown to have a very high reading of radiation

Scientists this month claimed they were baffled as dead whales continue to wash ashore in parts of Alaska. More than a 100 have washed up with many more thought to have died out at sea. The whale die-off has been designated as an “unusual mortality event,” a classification that authorizes a special investigation. However, as usual, we are only been fed scraps of a situation which has reached disastrous proportions.

Today, Reuters reported at least 60 dead seals (many many more will have died out at sea), have been discovered along beaches of the Bering Sea and the Chukchi Sea in northwestern Alaska, and scientists are trying to determine what caused their deaths, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) said on Wednesday. The dead seals – bearded, spotted and ringed seals – have been found at sites ranging from the southern edge of the Bering Strait region to the Chukchi coastline above the Arctic Circle, NOAA’s Fisheries said. NOAA goes on to blame the lack of ice as the reason why the seals are dying, (but gray whales don't die from the lack of ice do they!) Reuters story here... http://www.thebigwobble.org/2019/06/reuters-today-claim-at-least-60-dead.html



Big Pharma Will Now Hold Patent for CBD/THC Cancer Treatment

... British company, GW Pharmaceuticals, has been a big name in cannabis pharmaceuticals since 1998. They’ve broken through the iron gates surrounding cannabis medicine, so much so that they even got CBD-extract medications (made by Big Pharma) to be removed from Schedule I. GW Pharma has developed cannabis-based drugs for multiple sclerosis and epilepsy, and now….cancer. That’s right. Big Pharma now holds the patent for cancer treatment using cannabis. Let. That. Sink. In. For. A. Moment...  https://thedailycoin.org/2019/06/12/big-pharma-will-now-hold-patent-for-cbd-thc-cancer-treatment/



You may be eating a credit card's worth of plastic each week, study finds

Plastic pollution is so widespread in the environment that you may be ingesting five grams a week, the equivalent of eating a credit card, a study commissioned by the environmental charity WWF International said on Wednesday. The study by Australia’s University of Newcastle said the largest source of plastic ingestion was drinking water, but another major source was shellfish, which tended to be eaten whole so the plastic in their digestive system was consumed too. “Since 2000, the world has produced as much plastic as all the preceding years combined, a third of which is leaked into nature,” the report said...  http://www.ekathimerini.com/241504/article/ekathimerini/news/you-may-be-eating-a-credit-cards-worth-of-plastic-each-week-study-finds

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