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November 28, 2020

Tuesday, January 28, 2020



Greg Hunter: Market Will Go Down 40% – Charles Nenner

Renowned geopolitical and financial cycle expert Charles Nenner says his “stock market cycle has topped.” Look no further than the more than 400 point pounding on Monday for proof. Nenner says, “If we see a good close on the S&P futures for March below 3230, that’s only a couple of points away from here. Then we get lower price targets, and then this could turn into something much more serious. . . . These bull markets don’t stop on a dime. So, we can go up and down and up and down. . . . People always think there is a buying opportunity . . . but this market will go down in a strong, strong way.” Nenner is not waiting. He is instructing his clients that “It’s time to sell. We are totally out of stocks. . . . There is a difference between insiders and small investors. Small investors are upset if they miss another two or three percent to the upside, while the big investor is afraid they can lose 40% to the downside. I am afraid they can lose 40% to the downside. I am standing aside unless I see something totally different.”

On interest rates, Nenner predicted months ago that rates would go down, and they did. What does Nenner say now? Nenner says, “The same thing . . . this is going to continue for most of the year. Again, we don’t know what the news is. It could be a rush for safety. It could be a recession. It could be deflation. . . . I think we will have a deflationary crisis, and that’s why interest rates will go much lower.” On the Fed trying to suppress interest rates by flooding the repo market with cheap money, Nenner says, “People that thought they were safe and had money put aside are having to go back to work when they are 80 years old. So, the Fed could maybe succeed in what they do, but they are bringing down the whole system.”

On gold, Nenner still stands by his prediction that “gold will go to $2,500 per ounce” in the next few years. Nenner explains, “Cycles show me that gold and silver will be going up for a couple of years. . . . I take profits in a short term top, but people say that Mr. Nenner says the long term top is $2,500. So, I am in for the long term. The problem is it can go to $1,890 and then suddenly to $1,470, and they get afraid and sell out and no more long term investment. . . . If you are strong enough, let it go to $2,500, but never get weak even if it goes down. Be a long term investor. . . . $2,500 gold could take three years.” How much higher could gold go in the longer term? Nenner says, “I made the calculation that if the system breaks down and we have to go back to the gold standard, then gold would be around $60,000 per ounce. Who knows what’s going to happen.” Another one of Nenner’s cycles that has turned up is the “War Cycle.” Nenner says, “Remember a few years ago, I said the internal war cycle was more frightening than the external war cycle, especially for the United States. We are going to have social unrest and uprising that is going to be more dangerous, and that is more dangerous than the United States going to war. . . . What we are looking for is the big war that still has to come. I still say I don’t think it comes in the Middle East. It will come in the South China Sea. . . . Just because it’s time.” https://usawatchdog.com/market-will-go-down-40-charles-nenner/


JESSE: Stocks and Precious Metals Charts - Captain America Saves the Day - Metals Hammered for Comex Expiration

Gold and especially silver took a hit today, which was their options expiration on the Comex. What a surprise. No notions, no pretext. Simple thievery. Gold *might* be setting an inverse head and shoulders bottom. Let's see how it makes it past the FOMC announcement tomorrow, and then the rest of the week.

Stocks were in rally mode as the dread coronavirus was eradicated by the attention deficit syndrome of the Wall Street spin machine, powered by hot money and greed. The expectation of a 'Fed put' under the market is strongest I have seen since the tech bubble and Greenspan, the poster child for moral hazard. I am not so foolish to think that many people will listen to what I say now. Perhaps there will be some knowledge here for those who come back later, to see how and why a supposedly exceptional people went quietly mad... https://jessescrossroadscafe.blogspot.com/2020/01/stocks-and-precious-metals-charts-here.html


R.I.P. MIDDLE CLASS: Elite Globalists – Enemies from Within

Day by day, we are losing the America we once knew: the land of opportunity where anyone willing to work hard and persevere could succeed... file:///C:/Users/Nancy/Downloads/RIP-Middle-Class_WealthResearchGroup_com-Lior-Gantz.pdf


Follow the Real Money Behind the New Green Agenda

Within little more than a year everyone imaginable seems to have jumped on the bandwagon of the new green agenda of radical measures to “stop” climate change. Now the bastion of corporate economic globalization, the Swiss Davos World Economic Forum, has made its main theme this year, “Stakeholders for a Cohesive and Sustainable World,” with major focus on such notions as “How to Save the Planet.” Of course, featured speaker was the young Swedish activist Greta Thunberg. What few realize is how carefully all this is being orchestrated to prepare a massive shift in global capital flows where a handful of financial giants stand to gain. From Greta to Bonnie Prince Charles, the themes at Davos 2020 were dominated for the first time by the climate change agenda. What comes through the interstices of the meeting of some 3,000 of the world’s corporate giants, is that a major global campaign is being orchestrated and it includes the world’s largest capital investment fund heads and the world’s major central bankers... https://journal-neo.org/2020/01/27/follow-the-real-money-behind-the-new-green-agenda/



The world is confronting the effects of the “coronavirus.” It likely originated in Wuhan, China, where it jumped from animals to humans at a local food market. It has since spread to other parts of China and beyond. So far, there are 2,886 confirmed total cases of the coronavirus. All but 61 of them are in mainland China. The death toll so far is 81. But cases have also been found in France, the U.S., Canada, Australia, Japan, South Korea and elsewhere. That list includes the world’s three largest economies (the U.S., China and Japan).  https://dailyreckoning.com/contagion/ The pedophile control system deliberately selects pedophiles and lifts them into positions of power so that they can be controlled via blackmail. (Long, - be sure to click on the links - and then read the comments.)

With help from intelligence agencies from the CIA, FBI and Military Intelligence, all of which are full of pedophiles, this occult control system has created a complete matrix of power and thought control. Governments, industries, Hollywood, police, media, key positions in these groups are all in a big secret club. This isn’t mindless conspiracy rambling but backed by many, many case studies and brave witnesses.

First the Dutroux Affair, where an elite pedophile ring was uncovered but then immediately recovered up by police and judges.  https://isgp-studies.com/belgian-x-dossiers-of-the-dutroux-affair

Next is the Franklin Scandal, which uncovered a child trafficking ring with ties to the white house-“Conspiracy of Silence”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rp0h2fvQKDE  Emigrate While You Still Can!-

The Franklin Coverup” by former state senator John DeCamp goes much deeper into the rabbit hole.  https://www.wanttoknow.info/mk/franklin-cover-up.pdf 

The Presidio, an occult child abuse network uncovered on a US military base https://www.wanttoknow.info/mk/liftingtheveil#13 (Make sure you read all the way to the Empirical Evidence section)

David McGowan’s The Pedophocracy addresses all of these cases too http://www.whale.to/b/pedophocracy.html

A major key to the puzzle is the Greenbaum Speech by Dr. Corydon Hammond where he revealed the occult mind control programming he was finding in his patients. He found that most of his patients with Dissociative Identity Disorder were victims of ritual programming under extreme sexual abuse. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uWXDJRIHtP0

(Transcript) https://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/sociopolitica/esp_sociopol_mindcon03.htm

Knowing all of this it becomes easy to see what is happening with cases like Jimmy Savile and Jeffery Epstein. They are a part of this big pedophile club. Lots of people’s beloved actors and politicians are a part of this club. Love vibes to all, thanks for reading, if anyone is skeptical please check the links, because if this were true wouldn’t you want to be informed?  Those of you who understand this well, please leave your ideas and favorite sources in the comments to help discussion...  https://www.reddit.com/r/conspiracy/comments/euoffo/the_pedophile_control_system_deliberately_selects/

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