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$2.50 Gold Liberty Quarter Eagles

Almost Uncirculated
Face Value $2.50
.1209 ozt gold
.900 purity
Pre-1933 Gold

Check / Bank Wire:   $490.60
Credit Card / PayPal:   $505.32

$2.50 Liberty Quarter Eagle Gold Coin History:

The $2.5 Liberty Head Gold Quarter Eagle coin is yet another beautifully designed product of the US Mint. Like most US Mint coins, the fact that it hasn’t been minted for more than a century only makes it more valuable in the eyes of both collectors and investors. Its high gold content in conjunction with it being increasingly difficult to find makes it easy for one to understand why these coins, when in stock, tend to only be available for a limited time. The $2.5 Liberty Head is inarguably a piece of American history, but they are sought after by investors and collectors the world over.

$2.50 Liberty Head Eagle Gold Coin Specifications:

  • Minted in United States 
  • Minted from 1840-1907
  • Face Value $2.50
  • Purity 0.900 fine pure gold
  • Gold content .1209 troy oz.
  • Thickness 1.27 mm
  • Diameter 18 mm
  • Known as the Quarter Eagle
  • Obverse: Shows a Native Lady Liberty facing left with hair up in a bun, a few curly strands falling to her neck, encircled with 13 stars representing the 13 original colonies.
  • Reverse: Features a heraldic bald eagle with a shield on its breast and its wings spread out on top of a bundle of arrows with an olive branch.  The words “United States of America”, are placed around the eagle along with denomination $2 ½ D. directly below.


Gold coins, like the $2.50 Liberty Head Gold Eagle known as the Quarter Eagle, minted in the U.S. prior to 1933 possess not only gold’s tangible value, they also make a brilliant addition to any collection.  The appeal of pre-33 gold coins is centered on gold’s reputation for being a sturdy investment, and enhanced by the value of rare and historically significant coinage.