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$1 Gold Liberty (Type 1)

Year of Mint: Pre-1933
Condition: Barely circulated
Face Value: $1 US
Weight: .0484 oz troy gold
Fineness: .900 purity

Check / Bank Wire:   $352.42
Credit Card / PayPal:   $362.99

Liberty Head Type 1 Gold Coin History:

The Liberty Head Gold Type 1 one dollar coin is a rare piece for any collection. This piece is steeped in history, with a minting run that lasted for only five years during one of the most fascinating periods in American history. Though the Type 1 design was soon replaced with an Indian princess, this distinct image of Lady Liberty is an iconic choice that will help to fill out any coin collection or investment portfolio. Add interest and real gold to your collection with certified Type 1 Liberty Gold Dollars. 

The $1 Liberty Gold coin is the smallest coin in US Mint history with its diameter of 13 mm.  The $1 Liberty Head (Type 1) gold coin was minted from 1849 until 1854 when the Indian Head Type 2 was introduced.

Liberty Head Type 1 Gold Specifications:

  • Minted in United States 
  • Face Value $1
  • Metal Content .0483
  • Purity .900
  • Thickness 1.02 mm
  • Diameter 13 mm
  • Obverse: Features Lady Liberty with her hair curled above her neck, crowned by a coronet. She is surrounded by 13 stars representing the 13 original colonies.
  • Reverse: Shows a wreath encircling the denomination, $1, and the date.  The words “United States of America” are on the outer circle.
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