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Gold British Sovereign

Condition: Barely Circulated
Face Value: 1 Sovereign
Gold Content: .2354 ozt
Fineness: .9167 purity

Check / Bank Wire:   $575.12
Credit Card / PayPal:   $592.37

Gold British Sovereign Coin History

The British Gold Sovereign is one of the world’s most recognizable and smallest gold coins.  The sovereign is a gold coin from the United Kingdom with a value of one pound sterling.  It was a coin circulated from 1817-1932 and today is a bullion coin or mounted in jewelry. The coins were largely produced until WWI at which time the United Kingdom came off the gold standard. 

The British Gold Sovereign weighs 7.98 grams and is alloyed with a small amount of copper which ensures durability: it contains 0.2354 troy ounce of gold. Like other small gold bullion coins of this era there are advantages in ownership. The British sovereign gold coins smaller size makes for a handy barter in case the value of paper currency is challenged. The British Gold Sovereign was supplied to World War II pilots in case they needed to buy their way out of a compromising position. Its long history makes the British Gold Sovereign readily identifiable world wide as a gold bullion coin.

Call and ask for details about each specific coin, as the coins will be in average circulated condition or better.  There are various monarchs and dates featured on these coins. The Gold British Sovereign has been minted since 1817 and is very popular worldwide even with limited availability.

British Gold Sovereign Coin Specifications:

  • Mint British Royal Mint
  • Series Started in 1817
  • Face Value 1 Sovereign
  • Purity 0.9167
  • Gold content .2354 troy oz.
  • Thickness 1.52 mm
  • Diameter 22.05 mm
  • Obverse: Will depict the reigning monarch at the time the coin was struck, featuring mainly Edward VI (1901-1910) or George V (1910-1936).  With the royal monarch’s head right facing.
  • Reverse: Designed by Benedetto Pistrucci, you will receive renditions of St. George mounted on horseback while slaying a dragon.
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