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British Gold Sovereigns

The sovereign is a gold coin from the United Kingdom that has a nominal value of one pound sterling. Struck since 1817, it was originally a circulating coin that was accepted in Britain and elsewhere in the world; it is now a bullion coin.

In most recent years, it has borne the design of Saint George and the Dragon on the reverse; the initials (B P) of the designer, Benedetto Pistrucci, are visible to the right of the date.

Saint George slaying a dragon displays the imperial power and strength of England dating back to the Christian Crusades. The design showcasing St George dates back to 1817.  Created by the British Royal Mint these gold coins are very small with a gold content of .2354 troy ounces with a gold purity of .9167. British Sovereigns have limited availability.  The obverse portrait is of various monarchs (sovereigns).  If there is a particular British Gold Sovereign you are looking for please call us.

    British Gold Sovereigns various years